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Hear it from our clients: Nodus

Jack and Alex have been good friends for many years, both completed 3D Design (for sustainability) Ba Hons, at Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK. Working closely together for a number of years as freelance product designers, the pair decided it was time to start developing their own products two years ago. They began by building a CNC milling machine, which has been used heavily in the development of other products in development (clients and their own), before focusing on the Nodus Access Case over the last year.


Jack And Alex

We asked co-founder, Alex Boswell about why the company decided to outsource and how it has made a difference to the growth of the business.

Q: How did Nodus come about?

A: The company was established in 2013 after we successfully crowd-funded money through Kickstarter. We now design and manufacture phone and tablet cases from our workshop in Cornwall and sell them all over the world.

Q: At what point did you decide you needed to outsource and why?
A: After funding the business through the Kickstarter platform, we drew a great deal of interest for our products from around the world, and found that storing, packaging and shipping off each delivery ourselves would not be viable for the business long term.

We anticipated four key challenges:

  1. Storage – not having enough room to store a large amount of stock
  2. Orders – we realised it would be a full-time job handling the amount of orders coming in
  3. Packing – this would also be time-consuming and we simply didn’t have the space to store all of the materials needed for this stage of the process
  4. Shipping and deliveries – it would have been a drain on both staffing and financial resources to take each item to the post-office or ask a delivery partner to collect every time an order was placed

Q: Why Core Fulfilment?
A: Nodus products are currently only sold online, so it was vital to ensure that the behind the scenes logistics would suit the nature of the business and would be able to grow with it.

We approached Core Fulfilment after looking at a variety of fulfilment companies. We chose Core Fulfilment because they provided the most helpful advice and offered the most transparent and informative information on the service. This was crucial as we were partnering with a fulfilment provider for the first time, so had little knowledge of the industry.

Q: What does Core Fulfilment do for your business on a day-to-day basis?
A: Core Fulfilment now receives products directly from our Cornwall workshop. When the delivery arrives, each item is checked and given a unique reference code so that its progress can be tracked and recorded throughout the process – from receiving them in the warehouse to arrival at the customer’s door.

When an order has been placed, Core Fulfilment packs it in our Nodus packaging and passes it to the carrier to deliver to the customer as quickly as possible.

Q: What benefits did outsourcing fulfilment bring?
A: Engaging a partner to handle fulfilment has enabled us to focus on seeking out new opportunities and drive sales. As we don’t have to worry about storage, orders, or the variable costs of shipping, we have had extra time to do develop new products and grow the business.

With the time and energy saved through outsourcing online store fulfilment, our team has been developing new product lines at a much faster rate than we might have been able to otherwise.

The service provided by Core Fulfilment has also made the front-end of the business much more efficient and professional, and customers are giving positive feedback about the service they’re receiving.

Q: What difference has it made having Core Fulfilment on-board?
A: Core Fulfilment has been fantastic for our business. We’re a multi-faceted company and have to split our time and energy between a variety of different projects. Having Core Fulfilment on board has made everything so much easier and has allowed us to focus on helping the company to grow. I can’t say there have been many surprises along the way as they were just so open with us about their services and about how much things would cost at the start. I would recommend them to anyone.




Products: iPhone & iPad cases

Client from: May 2014

Platform: Shopify

Integration: Shopify App




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